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NEW Podcast with Des the Vet Available on Spotify and YouTube!

Feb 21, 2024 | Gymdog News

We are excited to announce that our NEW podcast, “A Pets Life”, featuring Des the Vet, is available to stream on Spotify and YouTube!

In our new podcast, Des discusses various elements of pet health care and gives insightful advice on how to care for your pet. A Pets Life’s four legged concept of wellness, fitness, diet and therapy is explained in great detail to help pets live their best lives. Additionally, Des’ passion for pet nutrition and dog socialisation is discussed to help new pet parents with the challenges of navigating life with a new furry friend.¬†Ultimately, our goal is to encourage listeners to look after and maintain their pets’ health through prevention, as Des believes prevention is better than cure!

Our podcast is available on streaming platforms Spotify and YouTube, with new episodes being released a few times a week!