Helping dogs live their best lives


We have a number of health plans that suit your individual pets needs. From daily on demand prices to our fixed plans that provide you with peace of mind, so that you can avoid those unexpected vet’s bills.

Our dog packages cater for your puppies, active and senior pets

Our cat packages cater for your kittens, active and senior pets

Dog DayCare

The Gym Dog day care service is educational and active based on wellness, fitness and socialization. We work with every age breed size of dog. We help dogs live their best lives through exercise and play. Improving the dog-owner bond. Our goal is to help your dog become a happy healthy safe family pet. Socialisation, exercise and play is tailored by age, size, personality, energy level to suit each dog.

Boarding Kennels

Our boarding kennel guests have the safety, comfort and peace of mind of an accredited vet hospital on site where our fully qualified veterinary personnel can manage the treatments or special needs of your dog or cat. As a pet resort, your pet can avail of all of our facilities during their stay. Drop-off and collection is by appointment ONLY. Our fully qualified veterinary personnel can manage any treatments or special needs. ALL vaccinations up to date including the kennel cough are mandatory before admittance.  We provide all food bowls bedding and toys during your pet’s stay with us.


Our groomer Aine understands every dog loves to be clean and trim. We offer grooming services for dogs and cats of any shape and size.  Show, clips, hygiene clips, full groom. Trim, wash n dry; all catered for.


Hydrotherapy is the latest form of animal physiotherapy and fitness technology involving treadmill walking against a current in a tank of warm water. First we treadmill train your pet on a canine walker and use a walking treadmill as a warm up before the water-based session each time. Hydrotherapy sessions work incrementally and work in conjunction with other therapy or treatments. Our hydropool is part of our hydrotherapy service. Swimming and massage in shallow water is used to treat back, hip, shoulder, elbow, neck and pelvic injuries such as nerve damage, fractures, arthritis. Used as part of a tailored therapy plan or as a simple treat after a grooming, day care or training session.


At Gym Dog we understand that dogs need physical fitness as much as we do. Our doggie gym, play rooms, dog park, astroturf arena and spa ensure your dogs’ fitness while living their best lives at GymDog. Monthly plans available. Studies have shown that 90% of a dog’s behaviour problems come from lack of exercise. At Gym Dog we know that dogs need to lead full active social lives. Treadmills which are customised for four legged walkers are used  to ensure your dog’s fitness and exercise needs can be achieved regardless of the weather. Used also for retraining and strengthening after injury.

Phyiscal Therapy

One on one water and exercise therapy aimed at conditions such as hip dysplasia, osteoarthritis, care after surgery, overweight, diabetes. We can work directly with you or under your own vet’s advice to plan hydro, physio or fitness services to suit your dog. We believe in holistic services which means combining good veterinary treatments with park and gym-based activities.We can work directly with you or under your own vet’s advice to plan hydro, physio or fitness services to suit your dog. We believe in holistic services which means combining good veterinary treatments with park and gym-based activities.


Social skills are important for dogs living in our busy world. At Gymdog, group work and play therapy is part of our day care routine. Through regular day care you will see your dog grow in confidence and calmness and learn to cope with every situation whether in town, in traffic, at the park.

Life Coaching

Whether it’s a new puppy or a rescue dog, many dogs need to learn to be happy, calm and fear-free in the busy world of humans. At Gym Dog we work to ensure your dog becomes confident and well behaved around people and other dogs.

“I got great advice about how to crate train Bella and the team at Gym Dog did the halti and harness training with Bella so I can now bring her anywhere.”


Weight Loss

At Gym Dog we understand there are lots of reasons why dogs have weight problems. We run weight clinics where our expert team can discuss the diet, wellness, fitness and training plan to get your dog back in shape.


At Gym Dog we understand that prevention is better than cure. Our wellness plans provide all your dog’s boosters, wormers, treatments, weigh-ins and check-ups. All for one easy monthly payment.


Des the Vet believes passionately that health and wellness begins with the food your dog eats. Des designed the Gym Dog natural, organic, no additive dog foods tailored to suit your dog. There are options in grain free, allergy free, sensitive, senior, puppy and ideal weight. Every consultation at Gym Dog begins with getting the diet right.

Customer Testimonials

When Archie first came to us as a rescue dog he was a nightmare! He had this fear-based aggression towards every other dog he met so that we couldn’t bring him for walks in comfort. Des the Vet told us “immersion” as he called it into the Day care routine would work and it did. After a few weeks of regular day care Archie lost his fear of other dogs. We can walk him around town now and he just wags his tail when he meets other dogs.


Otis is a lovely Irish Terrier but around 6 months old he became very destructive at home digging up the garden and chewing fences. I have no rode bushes left! I bring him to day care now twice weekly at Gym Dog. Des and the team are great- they run the legs off him. Otis gets to play with other dogs. Even on wet days there he is in the Gym. I don’t even get time myself to go to the Gym but the dog goes.


I got great advice about how to crate train Bella and the team at Gym Dog did the halti and harness training with Bella so I can now bring her anywhere.


My collie Max was nipping people we met, barking and trying to wrestle every other dog. I was afraid we were going to have to put him down. Des the Vet explained to me about working dogs and how they have different instincts to small house dogs. He had one on one sessions at GymDog and he did the day care to meet lots of people and other dogs. He got used to other dogs and people and got a lot better. Des said neutering would also help and it did. I still bring Max for day care once a week or so and the extra exercise and socialization he gets there definitely suits him.


Want to know what a typical day for your dog is like at the daycare centre?

We believe we help dogs live their best lives through focusing on their exercise socialisation, natural needs and nutrition. 90% of dog behaviour problems are caused by improper exercise and thats our starting point.

So, what is a typical day at Gym Dog for our dogs at day care?

Meet the Team

The Gym Dog Team is very dedicated in helping dogs  through wellness, fitness, diet and excercise. Our staff work very hard to help your dog live their best life!