Kildare Vet Surgery


Kildare Vet Surgery is locally owned and managed by Dr. Des Groome. Founded in 1998 and now serving the pets of Kildare for 25 years. An accredited veterinary hospital committed to helping pets live their best lives.

Digital Radiology (X-Ray)

Here at Kildare Vet Surgery we offer x-rays which allows us to make treatment decisions for your pet in a more informed and efficient manner.


Microchipping is now compulsory for all dogs in Ireland. Microchipping is also available for cats and rabbits.


The latest form of animal physiotherapy and fitness technology involving treadmill walking against a current in a tank of warm water.


Dental hygiene is vital for your pet and we provide veterinary dental services at Kildare Vet Surgery.

Pet Spaying & Castration

We recommend spaying or castration as it can have a positive effect on both the health and lifespan of your pet.

Blood Sampling

We offer blood testing in house, giving us vital information about your pet within minutes.


Our pet plans ensure that your pet has the highest level of care throughout the duration of the year, covering all the necessary treatments to keep your pet fit and well.


Available for both dogs and cats, we provide pet grooming in our clinic.

Dog Boarding & Cattery

Our dog boarding kennels are located on our four acre site in Kildare. In addition, we also have a cattery at our centre.

We are not a team because we work together
We are a team because, together, we respect, trust and care
for the pets that you leave in our daily care.