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Is the idea of a community still part of modern day living?

Oct 3, 2022 | Gymdog News

We like to think of ourselves as a community at GymDog. When I started my vet practice at Kilcumney House, next door to where we are now in 1999 it was a realisation of an ambition to come back to my own community in county Kildare and provide a local veterinary service tailored to the needs of the people around us. When I built Kildare Vet Surgery here at south Green Road in 2006, it was part of a growing ambition to evolve, upgrade, provide the best vet hospital facilities to those same clients.

When I started GymDog in 2019, community was again at the heart of our ambitions. I could see a need for a service which focused on disease prevention, on improving the bond between dogs and their owners, on helping dogs live their best lives by fulfilling their natural needs through diet, wellness, fitness and training.  The GymDog monthly plans help our customers join our community and our four-legged GymDog members are part of our dog community which means their own social needs, fitness needs, wellness and behaviour improves as our dog focused environment impacts on their lives day by day.

It’s a fact that 90% of dog behaviour problems are improved by exercise. It’s also a fact that vets and dog owners all underestimate regularly just how much exercise dogs really need. Little and often throughout the day for enrichment is the way to exercise dogs. Going to the gym is good for all of us. I named our pet resort here GymDog because being fit, social, active outdoors and indoors, is good for dogs and good for people.

Anna is a teacher at the local community school doing great work with the school basketball teams. She contacted me recently asking for funds to buy new kit for her teams. They are doing really well in reaching semis and competition finals now.  I am delighted that GymDog is able to help them buy new kit and look well for the big matches.  I believe there is no better way to help society than put money directly towards children and young people.

I believe all of us who live and work and rear our families in the Kildare community have a vested interest in cheering on these youngsters. I have lived and worked in Kildare town for 23 years and am very thankful that my own three boys have had great childhoods in this community. I have always believed in returning good fortune and have sponsored boxing, rugby, soccer, GAA and now basketball amongst other worthy causes year after year. Sport and exercise are so important for helping us learn pride, respect, self-esteem as well as fitness, health and social skills. So best of luck and fair play to all of Kildare’s GymDogs.

So, yes, community is still very much part of where we live and practice.