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8 Reasons Why You Should Bring Your Dog To Doggie Daycare

Jun 15, 2024 | Gymdog News

Gym Dog’s dog daycare is like doggie paradise, where dogs have the freedom to run around, play and make new friends. Our goal is to help dogs live their best lives through wellness, fitness, diet and therapy.

Here are some benefits of a doggie daycare and how our service can help your dog live a happier, healthier lifestyle.


    Our daycare dogs are able to learn to socialise and communicate with each other in an open environment under supervision with our devoted team. Social skills are important for dogs living in our busy world. Through regular daycare you will see your dog learn to cope with every situation whether in town, in traffic, or at the park

    Fitness and Exercise

    Studies have shown that 90% of a dog’s behaviour problems come from lack of exercise. At Gym Dog, we understand that dogs need physical fitness as much as we do. We have large paddocks in a field, an astro arena and playrooms where dogs can run around and play to their hearts content. This ensures they get plenty of exercise throughout the day which helps improve their fitness levels and tire them out! Treadmills, which are customised for four legged walkers, are also used to ensure your dog’s fitness and exercise needs can be achieved regardless of the weather.


    Socialising with other dogs in a daycare setting helps build confidence as they can interact with other dogs and improve their social skills. Some of our daycare dogs initially arrived to us feeling nervous, but through regular playdates in small groups, they come out of their shell and become much more confident, happy dogs.

    Mental Stimulation

    Our doggie daycare service not only improves dogs’ physical health, but also their mental health. Playing with other dogs provides stimulation for the mind as they are being active.

    Lots of Playtime

    Our daycare dogs love a good play date! We have plenty of toys for the dogs so they can enjoy a good game of fetch or a race through the tunnel!

    Improves Behaviour

    Bringing your dog to daycare regularly can help prevent reactivity as they become familiar with being around other dogs and become better behaved.

    Calms Anxiety

    Some of our daycare dogs initially arrived to us feeling nervous and fearful. Bringing your dog to daycare on a regular basis can help reduce anxiety levels as they become more familiar being present with other dogs and gain independence.

    Make New Friends

    It’s absolutely heart warming seeing our daycare dogs make new friends. Bringing your dog to doggie daycare can help build new connections and relationships with other dogs so they are not consistently bored at home by themselves for long periods of time.

    The Gym Dog doggie daycare service is active based on wellness, fitness and socialization. We are happy to work with any age, breed and size of dog. The goal of our daycare service is to help your dog become a happy, healthy and safe family pet.