we are what we eat

Experts on nutrition

Introducing GymDog and GymCat pet foods. Made with whole meat and whole fish ingredients, made with no additives or colours, made with vegetables, potatoes, sweet potatoes, rice giving your pets natural, premium, balanced, healthy nutrition.

Doctor Des’ passion for pet health and a drive to prevent illness and a conviction that pet foods should be better, led to the GymDog food range. Doctor Des believes that diet is the key to wellness, based on the evidence of 30 years as a vet. Gymdog diets are made by a slow-cooking technique called extrusion (like a slow pressure cooker) which keeps in the goodness and enhances flavour. This process also hydrolyses the meats (takes out the allergens). GymDog diets use local natural carbohydrates such as rice, oats, potato, sweet potato and vegetables such as carrot, parsley, peas and turnip. We use rosemary and thyme as our preservatives, so there are no chemicals.


We are happy to discuss your pet’s needs. To help you choose the correct Gym Dog diet for your pet, call 045 521507 to speak to one of our team.

Not sure what pet food to start with? Watch this 5 minute video of Des the Vet discussing each type of pet food we offer and the many health benefits they deliver!